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The President of D&J Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC, Darlene Szaloczy, MA, RN, is an experienced nursing expert witness. She provides services for the plaintiff and defense. She has experience working as a Registered Nurse in the areas of critical care, behavioral health and substance abuse. She received her Master's degree from Columbia University.

She currently works as a Risk Manager, assisting attorneys with personal injury and medical malpractice claims. She currently oversees all risk management activities for two hospitals and ten outpatient facilities. She coordinates the Patient Incident Review Program including the follow-up of all incidents and investigations functioning as the liaison between the medical center and defense attorneys.

As the Risk Manager, she coordinates all aspects of the tort claim process. She works closely with patients and their families, as well as their attorneys, when tort issues are identified before complaints are filed in court. She functions as the liaison between medical center clinical staff and defense counsel in litigation. She also oversees the reporting and responding to state licensing boards and the National Practitioner Data Bank. Policy authorship and/review are essential components of her position as well.

In her position as Risk Manager, she oversees the Peer Review Program. The program evaluates care provided by an individual provider in order to determine whether the care is consistent with established standards and/or usual customary practice. The following circumstances may be peer reviewed: mortality reviews, major morbidities associated with any surgical procedure, suicide attempts or completed suicides, and unexpected negative occurrences that may be related to the care provided.

In addition to working as a nursing expert witness for private hospitals, she also has experience working as a nurse expert for state facilities. She assists attorneys in each phase of the litigation process from initial consultation to case preparation and providing expert testimony. Ms. Szaloczy's reports have proved to be invaluable to the attorneys she has served and she is noted for providing accurate, complete, and timely information. Her attention to detail and understanding of her field allows for thorough findings and prompt communication with her clients.

Our President is deeply committed to employing only the most qualified and committed nursing experts who are as skilled in identifying issues of medical negligence as well as identifying possible defenses.

Please be assured only the most experienced nursing experts will be used to review your case. Read more about the practice areas our consultants have experience in.

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Our firm provides support to attorneys by providing nurse expert witnesses to serve as consultants on potential cases and to offer advice throughout the litigation process. This firm has experience in the following specialty areas including: Addiction and Substance Abuse, Hospital and Nursing Administration, Critical Care, Quality Management, Nursing Education, Nursing Policies and Procedures, Patient Safety, Psychiatry, and Risk Management.

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Services for the plaintiff and defense include initial consultation, case preparation and expert testimony. The nurse expert witness assists the attorney in determining whether or not to pursue a case; identifies standards of practice for the care provided; and collaborates with attorneys to prepare litigation materials.